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State : [[Wien]] (Vienna)
State : [[Wien]] (Vienna)
[[File:w-favori.jpg|center|Wappen von {{PAGENAME}}]]
====Official blazon====
====Official blazon====

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State : Wien (Vienna)

Wappen von Wien-Favoriten

Official blazon


The district takes its name after a small Imperial palace and hunting seat, called the "Favorita" (the preferred one).

The arms consist of the white cross of Vienna, charged with St John the Evangelist and his attribute, the eagle. The old parish church of Favoriten is dedicated to St John.

Favoriten is now part of the 10th municipal district of the same name.

Literature : Ströhl, 1902; Coffee Hag album, 1930s; http://www.wien.gv.at/bezirke/bezirkswappen/