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State : Niedersachsen
District (Kreis) : Aurich (until 1976 Norden)
Incorporated into : 1976 Hinte

Wappen von Suurhusen

Official blazon



The arms show the eagle of the Allena family and the fleur-de-lis of the Oldersum family. Folkmar Allena conquered and destroyed in 1356 the castle in Suurhusen. Since 1404 the village was in the possession of the Allerna family. The broken fleur-de-lis is seen on an old stone in the local church. It is probably derived from the arms of the Oldersum family, who had some influence around 1467.

Literature : Leiner, K. : Panorama Norden. Norden, 1972. Niedersachsen.jpg