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State : Queensland

Arms (crest) of Redland

Official blazon


The arms were granted on March 10, 1976.

The ship represents Matthew Flinders' ship, the "Norfolk", in which he explored the southern part of Moreton Bay. The lighthouse is the old Cleveland Lighthouse which was a landmark as well as a working light until it was replaced in February, 1976. Redland Shire Council has preserved this lighthouse at Cleveland Point. The old light from the top is now on display at the Council Chambers - the lens was made in England by Chance Brothers and Company, near Birmingham, England, in 1875.
The sandhills in the background represent North Stradbroke Island.

The lower part of the arms shows gladiolus spikes and a cornucopia symbolising the rich agriculture in the area.

The crest shows Poinciana trees which grow in the area and an anchor as a symbol for the harbour.

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