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Province : West-Vlaanderen
Incorporated into : 1976 Ardooie

Wapen van Koolskamp

Official blazon

  • (1824) Coupé, het bovenste van zilver beladen met twee en twintig hermyn staarten geplaatst 7,8 en 7, en het onderste van lazuur.
  • (1846) Coupé d'hermines et d'azur.


The arms were granted on May 6, 1824 and confirmed on June 27, 1846.

The arms are derived from the arms of the Lords of Lichtervelde, who ruled the estate in the 18th century. The arms of the family show a shield of blue with an ermine chief. In 1824 this was accidentally described as divided horizontally of ermine and blue. After the Belgian independence in 1830 and the confirmation of the arms, the old arms were not changed.

Literature : Servais, 1955