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Province : Limburg
Additions : 1970 Batsheers, Gutschoven, Mettekoven, Opheers, Veulen; 1977 Bovelingen (1970 Mechelen-Bovelingen, Rukkelingen-Loon), Heks (1970 Horpmaal, Vechmaal)

Wapen van Heers

Official blazon

  • (1907) Van goud, met blau gewapenden en getongden rooden leeuw.
  • (1978) Van goud met blauw gewapende en getongde rode leeuw.


The arms were officially granted on April 19, 1907 and again on June 21, 1978.

The arms are those of the medieval knights Van Heers, who rule dthe village from the 11th century until 1421. The arms can be found on the graves of Jan van Heers (1332) and Gerard van Heers (1398) as well as in the Armorial Gelre roll of arms. Gelre mentions the colours as a golden lion in red, whereas in the armorial of Jacques de Hermicourt (1333-1403) the arms are in gold een red lion. The municipality decided in 1907 for the latter.

After the merger with the other municipalities, none of which had arms, the arms were continued.

Wapen van/Blason de Heers

The arms in the Koffie Hag/Café Hag albums +/- 1930

Literature : Servais, 1955