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Sveriges Kommunvapen
Swedish Civic Heraldry


Additions 1971 Torsker

Origin/meaning :
The arms look like and are described as an undefined flower, but they are actually a series of iron balls. Hofors became famous for its iron industry in the 16th century, the local iron was often used in ball bearings. The arms were designed in 1968 and are based on the map of the area from 1539, where the town was surrounded by black balls, indicating iron mines. The colours also symbolise the black iron and the gold of the income it brought to the town. After the addition of Torsåker, which did not use arms, it was not considered necessary to change the arms. The old seal of Torsåker showed some tools used in mining and iron forging.

Literature : Nevéus and de Waern, 1992

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