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Civic Heraldry of Venezuela


The arms were granted on September 4th, 1591 by the Spanish Crown to Simon de Bolivar, sixth ancestor of El Libertador Simon Bolivar, our greatest national hero.

The early arms only show a brown lion rampant subjecting a golden scallop with a red St. James Cross inside, all on a silver ground. Later the arms were crowned with a five points coronet in the crest, and surrounded by war trophies crossed in saltire at the back, and a motto "Ave Maria Santisima Sin Pecado Concebida en el Primer Instante de su Ser Natural" (Blessed most holy Mary conceived without guilt in the first instant of her natural being).

The latest addition is the second motto above the arms with the official name of the city and its foundation year : "Santiago de Leon de Caracas - 1567".

Literature : Image and background provided by Raul Orta (rjortap@hotmail.com)

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