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The old arms of the Kingdom of Navarra (in the north of Spain) were a black (sometimes brown) eagle in a yellow field. These were the arms of the king Sancho VII El Fuerte. In the 13th century he won the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa against Miramamolin (an Arab chief), allied with the Kings of Aragon and Castilla. In Miramamolin's headquarter there was a tent protected by some chains and slaves, and Sancho VII attacked this tent on his own. The legend says that he was a very tall man (about 2 m 10 cm, a giant for this time), so he produced fear in his opponents. He broke the chains and took the emerald that was in Miramamolin's helmet. The Arab chief escaped but his army was overrun. Ever since the arms of Navarra are the emerald, and the chains that protected it, which Sancho VII el Fuerte brought from the battle. The legend further tells that the chains that you can see in three different castles in Navarra are the original.

Literature : de Cadenas, A. A. and de Cadenas, V.,1985; background provided by mail.

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