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Гербы городов Российской Федерации
Russian Civic Heraldry

KALININGRAD (Калининград)

Rayon: -
Province (Oblast): Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad was founded as Königsberg by the Teutonic Knights in 1255, advised by King Ottokar of Bohemia. 1255. They called it after him 'The Kings mount' or 'Königsberg' in German. Around it a city grew that acquired city rights in 1286.
In 1300 the nearby village of Löbenicht was raised to a city to and henceforth called 'Neustadt Königsberg' (Neustadt=new city), while the older city was called 'Altstadt'.
Then in 1327 a settlement on a isle in the Pregel, called 'Knipal', later 'Kneiphof', got the same rights as Altstadt Königsberg.
The three cities were united in 1724.

The 'Altstadt' had in the fourteenth century a seal with a knight on horseback, but in 1450 a seal appears showing a shield parted horizontally silver and red. The silver upper half shows an open red crown. The lower red half shows a silver cross. The shield is covered with a helmet and two savages act as supporters. The small arms of the city, showing only the shield are shown above left.
The crown and cross probably symbolise the King and the Order.

The arms prior to 1450.

Löbenicht used since the fourteenth century a blue (sometimes green) shield with a open golden crown, placed between two silver sixpointed stars. The shield is covered with a helmet and two angels act as supporters.

An image from 1327 shows for Kneiphof a shield with an arm raising a crown above two waves with two huntinghorns on either side, all on a green background.

The arms of the three combined cities were sometimes shown together in a single shield, but more often shown separately, with the Prussian eagle as a supporter, see image below.

Königsberg was the capital of East Prussia until 1945, when it became part of Russia. Ever since the city is named Kaliningrad.
The modern Kaliningrad adopted arms on July 17, 1996, show above right. The arms show the old (small) arms surrounded by a ship, indicating the importance as a harbour town. The ship is shown as a Medieval ship, as shipping has been of importance for the town during its whole existence.

The seal from around 1900

Literature : Hupp, O; 1993; Soboleva, 1998; Image of the three cities and additional provided by Theo van der Zalm, Wageningen, Holland.

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