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Herbarz Miast Polskich
Polish Civic Heraldry


Province: Pomorze Zachodnie
County : Goleniów

Herbarz Miast Polskich - Nowogard

The arms were officially granted on ??-??-????.

The arms show a city wall with a tower, on which a blue banner with a golden lion. The silver field scattered with blue fleur-de-lis. The banner is the banner of the Counts von Eberstein, who acquired the local castle in 1274. They granted the city rights in 1309 and remained lords of the town until 1663. The composition of the castle and banner already appeared in 15th century seals of the city. The seals show some decoration on the field, but it is unclear what it shows. On later seals and images this decoration was made into the present fleur-de-lis.

In the 18th century the town used severeal seals on which the city wall was replaced by a church. At the end of the 19th century the old composition was restored. In the beginning of the 20th century the arms were shown with a silver, uncrowned lion. Why this was changed is unknown.

In 1945 the reference to the Counts von Eberstein was removed, and the tower now showed a small banner of Poland. The number of fleur-de-lis was reduced to six (that looked more like stars).

In the 1990s, the old arms were restored, but again with the silver lion. Only later the golden lion was restored, but now with a golden crown, instead of the historical red crown.

Herbarz Miast Polskich - Nowogard
The arms shown by Hupp on 1896.
Herbarz Miast Polskich - Nowogard
The arms as shown by Hupp in the Coffee Hag Albums of the 1920s
Herbarz Miast Polskich - Nowogard
The arms used from 1945-1990 (?)
Herbarz Miast Polskich - Nowogard
The arms used in the 1990s.

Literature : Hupp, O : Königreich Preussen. Wappen der Städte, Flecken und Dörfer. Reprint von 1896 und 1898. Kulturstiftung der deutschen Vertriebenen, Bonn, 1993; Plewako and Wanag, 1994

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