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Heráldica de Mexico
Mexican Civic Heraldry


Origin/meaning :
The arms for the State of Nuevo Leon, were approved by the State's Congress in May 26 of 1943.
The first quarter shows the "Cerro de la Silla" , which has represented since long ago the city of Monterrey. Above the hill's summit, there is a red sun, a big and beautiful orange-tree, which indicates Nuevo Leon's most important agricultural richness.
The second quarter shows the arms of the Kingdom of Leon (now part of Spain), which is the antecedent of our state's name.
The third quarter shows the former temple of San Francisco.
The fourth quarter shows five chimneys throwing out smoke, which represents Nuevo Leon's industries.
The blue bordure contains different weapons, which represents the indigenous race and some periods of war.
The escutcheon shows a black chain, which means union of all the citizens of Nuevo Leon.
Finally, there is a ribbon on the bottom of the shield with the national colors, and the latin phrase "Semper Ascendens" which means "Always Ascending" with cursive handwriting of the sixteenth (XVI) Century.

Literature : Picture taken from : http://www.uan.mx/~neym/congreso/escudo.html, text from http://students.aim-net.mx/Nuevoleon/escudo.html

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