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State : Bayern
District (Kreis) : Hof (until 1978 Naila)

Selbitz was a possession of the Markgraves of Nürnberg since 1388, but they gave the area in loan to many different other families. There are no seals of the village known until 1783, when the local council decides to have a seal made. It still took nearly 30 years before a seal finally was presented in 1812. The drawing showed a red lamb on a green meadow or hill. The origin of the lamb is not known, it was stated in 1812 that it was taken from the arms of the Counts of Reuss, but these never used a lamb in their arms. It may be derived from the arms of the Lords of Gailsdorf, who used a lamb in their arms and were Lords of Selbitz around 1615. It may also have been derived from a Paschal Lamb (Agnus Dei), as a symbol for the local church.
The original colours did not last long, as already in 1835 the arms were shown as above, with a black lamb

In 1977 the local council decided to adopt new arms, as the historical background of the old arms was rather poor. The right arms above were thus granted on July 29, 1977.
The new arms show in the left half the quartered shield of the Markgraves of Nürnberg from the house of Brandenburg-Ansbach, who granted town (Markt) rights in the late 18th century. The right half shows a piper, and is a symbol for the nickname of the people from Selbitz dating from the early 19th century. At the time many villagers of Selbitz were travelling musicians.

Literature : Stadler; 1964-1971, 8 volumes; Stadler, 1990.

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