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Deutsche Wappen (Gemeindewappen/Kreiswappen)
German Civic Heraldry


State : Saarland
District (Kreis) : Saarlouis
Additions : 1907 Roden; 1936 Beaumarais, Fraulautern, Lisdorf, Picard; 1970 Neuforweiler

Saarlouis developed around the French fortress, built in 1680-1686. The arms were granted by King Louis XIV of France. The name of the fortress was also derived from the name of the King. The arms are typical French, the three fleur-de-lis in the header are the French royal symbol and are present in the majority of the arms of cities in France. The lower part represents the king himself, Louis XIV's nickname was the Solar King. To the arms also belonged the motto Dissipat Atque Fovet and a wall-crown, both of which are typical French (the motto comes from the royal arms). The arms survived all historical changes and were used as arms and on seals. Only in 1937 the arms were changed, as was the name. To Saarlautern arms were granted showing an eagle behind a city wall. The eagle had the swastika on his breast. In 1945 both the old name and the arms were restored (by the French occupational government...!).

Literature : Stadler, K. : Deutsche Wappen - Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Angelsachsen Verlag, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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