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Deutsche Wappen (Gemeindewappen/Kreiswappen)
German Civic Heraldry


State : Bayern
Urban District (Kreisfreie Stadt) : Kaufbeuren

The oldest seal of Kaufbeuren dates from the 13th century and shows a shield with a bend with two stars. These arms are most likely derived from the arms of the Lords of Beuren, although there is no evidence for this. The city was a possession of the Lords of Beuren and later of the Hohenstaufen family. In 1268 the town became an imperial possession and the town received city rights in 1339, which were enlarged in 1418.
The second seal of the city is known from 1326 and shows a divided shield, with the eagle and in the left half a bend with a single star. In the middle of the 15th century the second star is added again. From then on there have been several variations of the arms, with or without the eagle:
In 1529 the arms showed only the bend and 2 stars, in 1565 the eagle was present again, and the shield was held by two lion supporters. In the 16th and 19th century the arms appeared again without eagle (since 1803 the city was part of Bayern and no imperial city anymore), and from 1828-1892 a mural crown was used above the arms. In 1775 the combination was used again. Since 1892 the arms are used as shown above.
The colours of the arms were first mentioned in the 15th century.

Different seals and variations of the arms of Kaufbeuren.

Literature : Weitnauer, 1951

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