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Deutsche Wappen (Gemeindewappen/Kreiswappen)
German Civic Heraldry


State : Bayern
District (Kreis) : Ansbach (until 1973 Feuchtwangen)

Feuchtwangen was until 1376 a possession of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1376 it became a possession of the Markgraves of Nürnberg. Until 1819 the city used two different symbols on its seals and arms; the imperial eagle and a canting pine tree (Fichte=pine tree). The eagle was the symbol most used on the seals of the city, whereas the tree was more often used in less official documents. In 1819, when the city belonged to Bayern, the Bavarian government ordered the removal of all old imperial symbols. Ever since only the tree is used as the arms and symbol of the city.

The use of the pine tree itself is considered an historical mistake. Some centuries ago the people of Feuchtwangen could not decide where the name of the city came from. The old name was Fiuchtingwanc and so they discussed if the name came from "fiotha" (old German for pine tree) or from "feuchte Aue" (damp meadow; "wangen" means "Aue") - they decided for the pine tree what was wrong.
Today it is known that there have never been pine trees in Feuchtwangen as the ground is too loamy.

Literature : Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes; lower part by Andreas Fohrer, Feuchtwangen

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