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Deutsche Wappen (Gemeindewappen/Kreiswappen)
German Civic Heraldry


State : Brandenburg
Urban district (Kreisfreie Stadt) : Brandenburg
Additions : Klein Kreutz, Kirchmöser

The city of Brandenburg uses a rare combination of two shields. The left shield is from the Altstadt (old city) and the right of the Neustadt (new city) of Brandenburg. The old city was already mentioned in the 10th century, whereas the new city was founded in 1170.
Both cities used since the 13th century seals with a city gate with several towers. The small shields on the arms of the old city are those of Preussen (black eagle) and the Counts of Brandenburg (red eagle). The knight in the gate of the arms of the new city also holds the arms of the Counts of Brandenburg. Both cities were fortified with walls and towers, but connected with a bridge. Since the 14th century there was only a single city hall for both cities, but only in 1715 the cities were formally joined. This was also reflected in the combination of the two arms into the new seal (see below). Until 1950 the combination of the two shields remained the arms of the city.

coloured image of the seal of 1715.

In 1950 the city adopted new arms showing a large factory, symbol for the importance of the industry in the city. The shape of the factory was based on the historical gate, but with four large pipes rising behind the gate. The base showed the Havel river, on which the city is situated. In 1990 the historical arms were restored.

The arms from 1950-1990

Literature : Hupp, 1897, Bensing et al., 1985; Information provided by the city of Brandenburg.

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