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Croatian Civic Heraldry


County : Split and Dalmatia

Coat of arms of Omiš

The arms have been adopted on December 13, 2002.

The arms show a cross and a spiked mace. The arms are known from a stone carving dating from 1541 as well as from a Venetian charter dating from 1579, where the colours are mentioned as well. The meaning of the arms probably is to defend Christianity.

A new coat of arms was granted to the city in the end of 19th century by the Austrian Ministry of Interior, showing in blue shield two golden rocks, a lion on the dexter and St. George defeating the dragon on the sinister and in the chief a cross staff and a fleury sceptre in saltire, see below.

Both arms were supressed during the socialist period and the older one was readopted in 1999 and officially in 2002, when the flag was also introduced.

Coat of arms of Omiš
The arms as shown around 1900.
Coat of arms of Omiš
The arms as shown in the 1930s in the Kava Hag Album

Literature : Image taken from http://zeljko-heimer-fame.from.hr/descr/index.html (with permission)

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