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Civic Heraldry of Haiti

National Coat of arms of HAITI

Haiti does not use National Arms, but uses the State logo above, which was adopted on February 25, 1986.

The oldest use of a symbol for Haiti is known since 1807. The symbol shows several national flags, with two cannons and palm trees. The symbol indicates the battle for independence of the republic. The motto, in French, means 'Strength through unity'. The symbol remained in use until 1849, when President General Faustin Soulouque crowned himself as Emperor Faustin I. At the same time he adopted new Imperial arms, showing two cannons and a (French) imperial eagle. Two lions were used as supporter and the whole placed in a purple mantle. The emperor was forced to leave the country in 1859, after which the old symbol was restored. Ever since the composition has been the same, but the colours and items have changed somewhat.

The symbol from 1807-1849 and 1859-1964

The arms from 1849-1859

The symbol from 1964-1986

Literature : Images and information taken from http://www.christian-siemer.de/wappen/amerika/haiti.htm

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