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Civic Heraldry of Cuba

National Coat of arms of CUBA

The arms were designed in 1848 by the Cuban poet Tolón and used initially by the independence movement abroad. Cuba became independent in 1902 and the arms were officially adopted onMay 20, 1902. The arms were slighty amended (colour and description) on January 6 and January 24, 1906.

The upper part symbolizes the important strategic position of Cuba (key between countries). The bends in the lower right half are taken from the national flag. The left half shows a palm tree and some mountains, symbolizing the nature of the country. Behind the shield are the symbols of liberty and freedom. The shield is surrounded by an oak and coffee branch, symbolizing the local flora nd the importance of coffee for the economy.

The arms are often shown in a 'realistic' style as shown below :

Literature : http://www.christian-siemer.de/wappen/amerika/kuba.htm; upper image from Miguel Arista-Salado

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