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Civic Heraldry of Bosnia and Herzegovina


State : Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Canton : Zenica-Doboj

Coat of arms of Zenica

The coat of arms of Zenica pictures the Bosna river flowing along the right edge of the shield and curving along it. Two lines crossing it in base symbolise communication. There are four elements in circular medallions. The first one pictures the old fort Vranduk, the seat of Bosnian kings and house of did (patriarch of Bosnian pataren religion: bogumili). Second medallion pictures a cross, one as it is found on a monument of Kulin-ban, also symbolising the Christianity. The third symbol in clockwise order is a crescent, symbolising Islam and Turkish period, and fourth contains two crossed hammers, symbolising mining industry as well as, indirectly, the Austrian-Hungarian period.

Literature : Image and information from http://zeljko-heimer-fame.from.hr

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