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Civic Heraldry of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Coat of arms of Una-Sana Canton

In December 1999 the Canton made a contest for a new flag and coat of arms. Out of 28 proposals that arrived there were three that were chosen into further consideration and for public debate. They were published also on the Net, at http://www.uskanton.org. In May 2000 the variant that is effectively the "neutralisation" of the previous symbols was adopted.
In the blue shield there is a white embattled wall with entrance and windows, above it three golden eight-pointed stars, representing the three nations and eight communities, and below are two green "twisted ribbons", representing the rivers Una and Sana. The shield is bordered with white within a golden border.

Previously the canton used the following arms :

Coat of arms of Una-Sana Canton

The coat of arms contains eight stars for the eight communities that make up the Canton, and three larger stars for the three constitutional nations. That the Canton is predominantly Bosniak populated is seen by the book (Koran) and oriental scimitar.
In the middle there is a defensive battlement and two blue "trenches" - symbolical for the two rivers after which the Canton is named.

By the decision of the High Commissioner regarding the displaying and using of the common, neutral and inoffensive symbols, the legal and other acts not complying to it are invalidated. The implementation instructions of this decision consider the symbols of this Canton among such, so the arms were both legally and practically abandoned in 1999.

Literature : Image taken from http://zeljko-heimer-fame.from.hr/ (with permission)

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