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Civic Heraldry of Bosnia and Herzegovina

BIJELJINA (Бијељина)

State : Republika Srpska
Region : Bijeljina

Coat of arms of Bijeljina (Бијељина)

The arms were officially grnated on ??-??-????.

The bell tower belongs to Tavna Monastery the oldest building in Bijeljina Municipality. Red "T" represent junction of Sava and Drina Rivers. The doves are symbols of peace.
The mural crown represents the entrance to the hity hall.
The left supporter is Filip Visnjic, one of the most popularal poets, who was blind, famous for his singing about Serbian history, handing Serbian flag. The right supporter is Duke Ivo of Semberia (area around Bijeljina) who was buying (and thus freeing) slaves from Turks, handing municipal flag.

Literature : Image send to me by Dragomir Acovic (acovic@EUnet.yu), background from Aleksandar Bilic.

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