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Civic Heraldry of Bosnia and Herzegovina

National arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina

National arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The present arms of Bosina and Herzegovina were from the flag adopted in 1998. The yellow triangle is for general shape of the country, and the stars were taken from the flag of the European Union with their desire to be a part of the EU.

After the independence the new state adopted the arms shown below. These arms were based on the old arms of the Bosnian Kings and were used by King Tvrtko I Kotromanic in the 14th century. The arms show a silver bend and six fleur-de-lys. These were the royal symbol and supposedly should represent the six regions of Bosnia at the time. As this was the oldest known representation of a State symbol for Bosnia, it was adopted in the 1990s.

National arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina
!4th cen tury coin on King Tvrtko
National arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The first arms of the republic in the 1990s.

During the 19th century the Emperors of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire used the arms below for Bosnia.

The separate Republica Srpska, the Serbian Republic in Bosnia-Herzegovina uses the following arms :

These arms are virtually equal to the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Serbia before World War I.

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