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Belgische Gemeentewapens - Armories communales de Belgique
Belgian Civic Heraldry


Incorporated into : 1976 Malle

Province : Antwerpen

The arms were granted on April 30, 1839.

The arms were granted on May 2, 1914.

Origin/meaning :

The two villages of Wetmalle and Zoersel formed an Estate until 1793, and a municipality until 1839, when the old municipality was split in Westmalle and Zoersel. The old arms are identical to the arms of Westmalle-Zoersel. The estate was since 1738 a possession of the Powis family, and the red lion on a golden field was the arms of the Powis family.

The new arms are the arms of the Cottereau family, Lords of Westmalle from 1531-1720.

Literature : Servais, 1955

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