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Civic Heraldry of Thailand

National Coat of arms of THAILAND

Thailand has no proper arms, but uses the above State symbol.

The present state symbol shows the Guruda ("Krut" in Thai), a mythical half-man half bird being in Hindu mythology. Garuda is believed to be the vehicle of the Hindu God Vishnu. Since ancient time, the Kings of Thailand have traditionally taken the title of Rama, a reincarnation of Vishnu on this world. (King Bhumibol, the present King, is Rama IX) Therefore, the mythical bird of Vishnu has been used as the Royal symbol and later as the national seal and the seal of the government of Thailand.
Thailand shares the belief in Garuda with Indonesia, but the Indonesian Garuda is more realistic and less mythical than the Thai Krut.

Arms of the former kingdom of Siam

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