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Civic heraldry of Austria - Österreichische Gemeindewappen


State : Wien (Vienna)



The parish/community of Schaumburgergrund ("Schaumburg Grounds") was created when the ground around the Starhemberg palace on Rainerstrasse street was divided in 1813. The name derives from the Schaumburg family, a formerly important noble family from Oberösterreich, from whom the Starhemberg family inherited a manor house and vineyards in this area during the 16th century. The arms show the spire of the St. Stephen's cathedral surrounded by walls and by the crown with peacock feathers of the counts of Starhemberg. These family arms and refers to the role of Count Ruediger of Starhemberg in the defence of Vienna 1683.

Literature : Ströhl, 1902; Coffee Hag album, 1930s;