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Arms of Western Region

Official blazon

  • Arms: Parted per by a fess wavy Argent, Azure and Gules, in chief a sword and a mace in saltire Or, in base a golden rimmed hexagram Vert, enclosing the Imperial State Crown proper.
  • Crest: On a wreath Gules and Vert, a lion passant guardant Or before a baobab tree fructed proper.
  • Supporters: Two African elephants (Loxodonta africana - Elephantidæ) proper.
  • Motto: LIBERTY • AND • SERVICE in blue lettering on a white ribbon.
  • Compartment: Two tree-trunks proper in saltire on a bare ground.


The arms were granted in 1958.

Western Region was a subdivision of the Federation of Nigeria until 1967. It is inhabited by the Yoruba and its capital was at Ibadan. It was established in 1939 under British rule as a subdivision of the Southern Nigeria colony. Upon independence of Nigeria in 1960, it became one of the members of the federation, along with the Eastern Region and the Northern Region.

In 1963, two provinces: Benin and Delta were split from the region to form the new Mid-Western Region.

In 1967 the regions were abolished and the area was subdivided into Lagos and Western states, which would also later be subdivided.

The arms show in the base the old badge of Nigera. I have no further information on the origin or meaning of these arms. Any information is welcome !

Literature: Image and part of information obtained from http://www.hubert-herald.nl

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