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Civic heraldry of Mexico - Heráldica de Mexico


State : Jalisco

Arms of Tepatitlán de Morelos

Official blazon


The coat of arms of Tepatitlán (Nahuatl-language, meaning: Place of the hard stone / Place of the sacred knife) was adopted in 1952.

The upper right quarter shows on white (silver) ground the image of “Our Lord of Compassion” in the holm-oak where it miraculously formed. The upper left quarter shows on white (silver) ground two towers, one set on top of the other. The lower one stands for Tepatitlán being a fortress against the Chichimeca (nomadic groups in northern Mexico during the prehispanic and colonial period) which descended from Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill) to attack the caravans and tracks travelling to Guadalajara.

The upper tower with Saint Andrew ’s Cross commemorates its role during the Christian War in favour of the cause (Guerra Cristera, 1926-1929: which originated with the resistance of the Catholics to the articles of the Mexican Constitution that they restrict their religious activities, as well as to the measures taken by the President Calles for their strict execution). The three red hills represent El Pandillo, Cerro Gordo and Cerro del Picachos in the vicinity of the town.

The lower left quarter shows the coat of arms of the Andalusian town of Úbeda (Spain), home of Pedro Almírez Chirinos, the conqueror of the region in 1530. It shows on red ground the archangel Saint Michael fighting the infernal dragon and on the silver (white) bordure 12 rampart lions, symbols of fervor and bravery.

The lower right quarter shows the Cross of the Holy Sepulcher or Cross of Saint Francis, symbolizing that it were the Franciscans that Christianized the city, therefore, the name of the town was San Francisco de Tecpatitlán.

In 1883 Tecpatitlán achieved the title of city with the name Tepatitlán de Morelos in honor of the insurgent José María Morelos y Pavón.The helmet, a sign for nobility, on top and the heraldic foliage around the coat stand for the 117 noble surnames said to have originated in the region in acts of armored conflicts. Over the helmet is the motto “Arx Christi Sumus” (We are the fortress of Christ). The official motto of the town is “Su tesoro está en su gente” (Its treasure is within its people).

Literature : Information provided by Alexander Voss, Germany

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