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Province : British Columbia

Arms (crest) of Port Coquitlam

Official blazon

Arms : Argent on a fess sapinagé Vert between in Chief a salmon and in base a steam locomotive wheel Gules two barrulets Or.
Crest: A mural coronet Gules masoned Argent charged with six anchors Or three visible.
Supporters: On a grassy mound on either side a beaver sejant Or the dexter gorged with a ducal coronet Gules the sinister gorged with a circlet of Azalea flowers Gules leaved Vert pendant from each collar a Salish spindle whorl Gules bearing the image of a salmon Argent.


The arms were officially granted on December 21, 1992.

When completed, the arms of the City of Port Coquitiam took the place of the previous emblem which dated back to the time of incorporation March 7, 1913. The motto, BY COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY WE PROSPER, was an obvious choice for an expansionist and visionary community just before World War 1.

The shield blends the themes of native and natural heritage and the railway. The central band or heraldic fess used a special edge implying a conifer twig that was originally developed by a Finnish heraldic artist. Overall, the fess can be seen as a pathway, with the edge representing the City's green spaces and the continuing wealth and amenities flowing from local forests. The railway was highlighted through the use of the twin bands of gold, colour of commerce and the red steam locomotive wheel. The name of the river from which the City takes its name, Coquitlam, meaning little red fish, is celebrated in the upper part of the shield.

The crest is set on a wreath of two of the City's official heraldic colours, white and green. It is composed of a mural coronet, emblem for municipal government, set with six anchors, three visible, which represent ships and maritime commerce and refer to the Port in the City's name.

The compartment on which the supporters stand is the grass of the City lands. The beaver supporters, coloured in the gold of commerce to echo the motto, are taken directly from the old emblem on City Hall. They have patriotic and thematic meaning as Canada's national animal and a symbol of industry as well as an important part of the City's own heritage of symbols. The collar on the left hand supporter alludes to the Royal Crown in the old emblem. The City's floral emblem, the azalea, is featured as the other collar. A Salish spindle whorl hangs from each collar, carved with a representation of a silver salmon honoring the Stahlo People.

The City's original motto is preserved on a scroll above. The Coat of Arms Committee proposed the new motto to set out a new goal for the City's people.

Literature : Image from http://www.gg.ca

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