National Arms of Indonesia

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Heraldry of the World (Lambang negara di dunia)
Civic heraldry of Indonesia (Lambang negara di Indonesia)

National Arms of INDONESIA

National Arms of Indonesia

Official blazon


The arms were adopted in 1950.

The four quarters symbolise the following :

  • 1. the oxen-head symbolises the struggle for independence,
  • 2. the waringi-tree symbolises the strength of living,
  • 3. the rice and cotton branches symbolise the riches of the country
  • 4. the chain symbolises the people
  • 6. the star symbolises the unity of the country

The small black line on the shield symbolises the equator.

Another mail informed me that the arms show the five national principles collectively known as Pancasila:

  • 1. Belief in the one and only God;
  • 2. Just and Civilized humanity;
  • 3. The unity of Indonesia;
  • 4. Democracy guided by the wisdom of deliberations and representation;
  • 5. Social justice for all the people of Indonesia.

The supporter is the national bird, the Garuda, a semi-mythological bird, endemic to Indonesia from the Eagle family. The 17 feathers on each wing symbolise the date, 8 feathers on the tail symbolise the month, and 45 feathers all over the body symbolise the year of independence (August 17, 1945).

The motto: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, is taken from Sanskrit, and means "Unity in Diversity" .

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