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Civic heraldry of Grenada


Arms of National Arms of Grenada

Official blazon


These arms were officially granted on February 7, 1974.

The arms show the Santa Maria, the flagship of Columbus' fleet, as the island of Grenada was sighted by Columbus. The lion is the English lion and symbolises strength. The crescent, out of which comes a white lily, the symbol of St. Mary, is a symbol for the catholic population and for the original name of the island, Conception Island.

The seven flowers on the helmet depict the seven parishes on the island and is set between flowers of the bougainvillea, the national flower. The supporters are local animals; on the left a Tattoo or Armadillo and on the right, the Grenada Dove, representative of the fauna on the islands.

The whole is placed on a ground, which symbolises the two mountains and the major lake (Grand Etang) on the island. The motto, “Ever conscious of God, we aspire, build and advance as one people”, is itself sufficiently eloquent on the subject of those high ideals and principles upon which the nation is founded.

The oldest symbol for the colony was introduced in 1889 and showed a scene with a sugarcane press. In 1903 the symbol was replaced by a ship in front of the island. The new motto meant 'Brighter after Darkness'. This symbol was used until the present arms were granted in 1974.


The symbol from 1889-1903

The symbol from 1903-1974

The arms on a customs office

The arms on a coin from 1988

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