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Civic heraldry of Andorra

National arms of ANDORRA

Arms of National Arms of Andorra

Official blazon


The above arms were adopted in 1969.

The first quarter shows a mitre and crosier, symbols of the Bishop of Seo de Urgel (Seu d'Urgell), who since 1278, together with the Counts of Foix originally ruled the State of Andorra as a condominium. Later the counts were succeeded by the Counts of Toulouse, the French Kings and finally the French President.

The pales in the arms are derived from the arms of the former County of Foix (three pales) and Catalonia (four pales).

The cows in the fourth quarter are derived from the French Region Béarn.

Since 1993 Andorra is an independent Republic, the bishop of Seu d'Urgell and the French president, however, are still jointly president.

The first arms of Andorra date from the 19th century and showed in the upper half the mitre and in the lower the cows and pales.


The arms until 1931

In 1931 the quarters were changed and the mitre was separated from the crosier, which was placed in the third quarter. Two different versions of the arms existed; one with a crown (French version) and one without a crown (Spanish version). The motto Virtus Unita Fortior (Unity provides strength) was introduced.


The arms from 1931-1949 (French version)

In 1949 the arms were changed again, however, the different elements were the same, only the colours and composition changed. The two different versions remained.


The arms from 1949-1969 (Spanish version)

Since 1969 the arms are only used without the crown and agin with slightly changed composition.

Use of the arms:


The arms on a 1988 coin

The arms on a 2003 coin

The arms on a Dutch trade card, +/- 1910
Blason de National Arms of Andorra

The arms in the Café Sanka album albums +/- 1935

Literature :

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