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State : Queensland
Incorporated into : 1995 Cairns

Arms (crest) of Mulgrave

Official blazon

Arms : Per fesse Or and Azure, in chief a Lion passant Gules supporting with the fore paws a Scythe the haft sable the blade proper, and in base between two Miners' Picks a Miner's Shovel Argent the handles Gold.
Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours, Out of a Chaplet of Wattle flowers a Bull's head couped and ringed proper.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Sugar-Cane Cutter supporting with his interior arm a stalk of Sugar-Cane and holding in his exterior hand a Cane-Knife all proper, and on the sinister side a Timber-Cutter supporting with his interior arm a branch of Broom and holding in his exterior hand an Axe head downwards all proper.
Motto : 'Wealth Through Growth'.


The arms were granted on April 29, 1955.

The two halves of the shield symbolize the local economy, with the picks and shovel alluding to mining and secondary industry, and the lion with the scythe to modern mechanised methods of agriculture. The bull's head refers to the meat industry, while the wreath is made up of wattle, Australia's national flower, and also emblem of North Queensland.

The supporters represent local sugar and timber industries, while the three furrows in the compartment symbolize the transition from virgin bush to cultivated land.

Literature : Information provided by Denis Towner, Australia.

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