Moosburg (Kärnten)

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Heraldry of the World
Civic heraldry of Austria - Österreichische Gemeindewappen


State : Kärnten
District : Klagenfurt-Land

Wappen von Moosburg (Kärnten)

Official blazon


The arms were granted on 17 April, 1961.

The arms show a ruin of a tower, out of which a young oak is growing.
Moosburg is a very old settlement. In the early middle ages, the fortress at Moosburg was very important to the rulers of the Carinthia of that time. Emperor Arnulf von Kärnten (he bore the title of Emperor, but he did not rule the whole Empire and died in 899) is thought to have had his residence here. One part of the ruined castle is called "Arnulfsfeste", fortress of Arnulf. This was put into the shield.

The oak may very well really grow out of the ruins. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of a new generation growing out of (and firmly rooted) in history.

Literature : Deuer, 2006