Molefe Tribal Authority

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Province : KwaZulu-Natal
Abolished : ??

Arms (crest) of Molefe Tribal Authority

Official blazon


  • Wapen: In silwer, 'n groen dwarsbalk, die bokant hoekig met die pieke gekanteel en die onderkant uitgetand, belaai met drie goue Basoetohoede, 'n hoekige blou skildhoof en skildvoet; die skild getop met 'n goue Basoetohoed; agter die skild 'n skuisgekruiste assegaai en knopkierie, beide swart.
  • Skildhouers: Regs 'n luiperd en links 'n springbok, albei van natuurlike kleur en met 'n ring, uitgetand deursnede van groen en silwer, om die hals.


  • Arms: Argent, on a fess, the upper edge dancetty with the peaks embattled and the bottom edge indented Vert, three Basotho hats Or, a chief and a base both dancetty, Azure; the shield ensigned with a Basotho hat Or; behind the shield an assegai and knobkierie in saltire, Sable.
  • Supporters: Dexter a leopard and sinister a springbok, both proper, gorged with an annulet per fess indented Vert and Argent.


The arms were officially granted on August 21, 1987.

The Molefe Tribe are enthic Basothos who during the 19th century moved from their original land in the Free State to Zulu Territory. They adopted many Zulu customs but kept their home language. This blending is symbolised by the use of a Zulu shield charged and ensigned by Basohto hats. The leopard has an important place in Zulu culture. The Springbok links the tribe to its original land.

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