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Civic heraldry of Serbia - грбови Србиjе

MLADENOVAC (Младеновац)

Part of  : Belgrade

Arms of Mladenovac

Official blazon


The arms were granted on May 15, 2002.

The two golden pitchers stand for the two mineral spa's the city has. The name "Mladenovac" can be derived from the root "mlad" - "young, youthful", where as "mladica" means a budding plant, as symbolized by the oak trefoil. The oak is further a symbol for the Holy Trinity, which is the city's patronal feast. The other name for the same feast is Holy Spirit's Day - thus the white dove resting upon the mural crown. The silver bar across the shield depicts the brook Lug. The town is young and growing (est.1883). It grew fast out of the rapidly developing heavy industry, thus the golden offshoot of oak rises from the anvil.

In the early 15th century, despot Stefan Lazarevich, ruler of Serbia, died in the forests of the Kosmaj mountain after an accident while hunting. The supporters, the compartment and the spilled arrows vividly tell this tale. The horse is equipped as described in contemporary writing by famous Byzantine historiographer pseudo-Corinus Couropalatas.

The supporters fly two banners: on the right the standard the of the City of Belgrade, and on the left the one of the township of Mladenovac.

Literature : Image and information send to me by Dragomir Acovic (acovic@EUnet.yu) and Ladislav von Biron

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