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Coat of arms (crest) of the Military Region South, Portuguese Army

Official blazon


Tinctures are Agent a Cross fleur-de-lys Vert, a brodure Gules. Mantling Vert doubled Argent. Crest a Eagle Sable. The Cross symbolises the Order of Aviz founded in Coimbra but King Afonso Henriques transferred it to Evora (Location of the HQ of Military Region South). The Eagle symbolises Aves = Wings alluding to the Order of Aviz. The Motto translates as "Vigilance and Fidelity".

Military Region South was deactivated 2006. During 1970-1975 it was known as Military Region Evora and before that 3rd Military Region (1962-1970), 2nd Military Region (1960-1962) and 4th military Region (1926-1960).

Literature: Normas de Heráldica do Exército Regulamento da Simbologica do Exército

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