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The upper left arms are the older arms, the upper right arms show the actual arms. The old arms were designed in 1963 and were replaced in 1996.

The upper half of both arms are based on the historical Coat of Arms granted to Christopher Columbus by Spanish Kings Fernando and Isabella at his returning from Antilles in 1493. It is used to remarks the Mayaguezanian reclaim about be the true place where Columbus landed in Puerto Rico when he discovered the island during his second voyage to America on November 19, 1493.

The castle and lion are derived from the arms of the Spanish Kings at the time, and represent the castle of Castille and the lion of León (see <a href=spa/spannat|the Spaninsh national arms]]).

The five yellow rocks over white and blue wavy bars symbolise the title of "Viceroy of Indies" granted to Columbus by Kings Fernando and Isabella in 1492. Similarly, the five yellow anchors over blue background represent the title of "Ocean Sea's Admiral" granted at the same time (only in the old arms).

The other element, in the old arms in the point, in the new as fourth quarter, show the arms of the Columbus family.

The lower half shows an modern stylised version of the original coat of arms granted by Spanish Regent Queen Maria Cristina to Mayagüez Municipality in 1895. It remarks the moment when main ship of Columbus fleet (there were 17 ships on this second voyage) reached Mayagüez bay for landing. The royal palm trees are indigenous plants from Mayaguezanian coast and valleys, and the blue and white waves symbolise the sea.

Literature : Old image received from Juan Morales, Florida, USA, new from Background from Harold Marquez, Mayagüez

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