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Province : British Columbia

Arms (crest) of Maple Ridge

Official blazon

Arms : Or a broadleaf maple leaf Vert conjoined at the stem with six vine maple flowers proper between two bars wavy in base and a chief dancetty the central point uplifted Azure.
Crest: Issuant from a mural coronet of bricks Gules a representation of Haney House proper.
Supporters: Upon a grassy mound Vert divided per pale by a waterfall proper rising above barry wavy Azure and Argent the upper bar charged with two salmon leaping respectant Argent dexter a mare Or unguled and maned Azure gorged with a collar of strawberry flowers and leaves pendant therefrom a steam locomotive wheel all proper sinister a stag Or attired and unguled Azure gorged with a collar of dogwood flowers Argent seeded Or sepaled Vert pendant therefrom a circular sawmill blade proper.


The arms were officially granted on February 15, 1999.

The line forms a ridge of peaks with the nearby Golden Ears mountain in the centre. The Fraser River is symbolised at the base and the namesake at the centre using both a broad leaf maple and flowers from the vine maple.

The red coronet at the base of the crest has a double meaning, as the traditional heraldic symbol for municipal government and as a salute to Haney Brick and Tile, and by extension, pioneer industry. Haney House symbolises the pioneer settlement and Victorian beginnings of the community.

The grass represent the lands of the district with Kanaka Falls at the centre and the rivers below. The horse and deer were suggestions arising from the public consultation. They are coloured in pure heraldic colours to match the shield and can be taken to represent pioneer transport and current recreations (horse) and natural heritage (deer). The strawberry flowers on the supporter's collar honour the earl berry industry, the dogwood salutes British Columbia, the railway is represented via the wheel and forestry through the sawmill blade.

The motto combines a geographic statement with comments about the nature of the District's prosperity and amenities. The phrase summarizes the core meaning of the coat of arms.

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