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Civic heraldry of Zambia


Province :

Arms of Lusaka

Official blazon

Arms: Per fess Vert and Or on a fess per fess countercharged between in chief two garbs Gold and in base a cog-wheel Sable a mural crown Argent.
Crest: On a wreath Or and Vert, in front of a rising sun Or standing on a mount Vert charged with a fountain an African fish-eagle wings elevated and addorsed proper.
Supporters: On either side an African fish-eagle wings elevated and addorsed proper gorged with a mural crown Argent pendent therefrom a roundel that on the dexter Vert charged with a garb Or that on the sinister Gold charged with a cog­ wheel Sable.
Motto : Prospice


The arms were officially granted on March 30, 1955.

The golden sheaves and the green background symbolise agriculture, and refer specifically to the extensive farming activities con­ducted in the Lusaka area. The industrial importance of the city is indicated by the black cog-wheel, the golden background alluding to the wealth derived from industry.

The silver mural crown placed in the centre of the shield is an allusion to civic authority.

The crest is formed of an African fish­ eagle, which is found throughout Northern Rhodesia, standing in front of a rising sun symbolic of progress and expansion. The fountain alludes to Lusaka's abundant underground water supply.

The supporters have no special significance beyond the fact, which has been mentioned, that the fish-eagle is ubi­quitous in the country.

Literature : Image from stamp; Smith, 1985

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