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Heraldry of the World (Armorial du Monde)
Civic heraldry of France - Armorial de France

Département : Haute-Vienne

Official blazon

De gueules, au chef de Saint Martial de carnation, orné à l’antique d’or, ombré de sable, entre deux lettres gothiques d’or S et M ; au chef d’azur, chargé de trois fleurs de lis d’or.


Limoges was evangelized by Saint Martial, who came to the city around 250 with two companions, Alpinianus and Austriclinienus.

The arms thus show the bust of St. Martial as well as his initials S.M. The chief shows the three fleur-de-lys of the Royal French arms, indicating the importance of the city.

The arms in the Café Sanka album +/- 1932

The arms on a tobacco card by Laurens

The arms on a trade card from Félix Potin

The arms on a postcard by Barré Dayez

The arms on a postcard by Kroma

The arms on a postcard by Maurice Jacquez

Literature : Louis, 1949

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