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Province : North West Province
Municipality : Matlosana

Arms of Klerksdorp

Official blazon


  • Wapen: In goud, 'n golwende blou dwarsbalk belaai met twee versmalde golwende silwer dwarsbalke, vergesel in die skildhoof van 'n halwe swart tandrat en daarbinne 'n halwe rooi wawiel, en in die skildvoet van 'n rooi afrikanerbulkop en skof, goud gehoring.
  • Helmteken: 'n Regopgeplaaste goue mieliekop met vier blare. Wrong: Goud en blou.


  • Arms: Or, on a fess wavy Azure two bars wavy Argent, in chief a demi-cogwheel Sable surmounted by a demi-wagon-wheel Gules, and in base an Afrikander bull's head and hump Gules, attired Or.
  • Crest: A mealie cob erect with four leaves Or. Wreath: Or and Azure.


The arms were officially granted on February 20, 1968.

he watery fess represents the Skoonspruit (previously Schoonspruit) which runs through the town. Klerksdorp claims to be the oldest permanent settlement in the region formerly known as the Transvaal.

The bull represents the cattle introduced to the area by the Great Trek. The Africander is the result of cross-breeding between European cattle and those kept by the Khoikhoi people.

Literature : Background by Mike Oettle

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