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Personal arms


Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Finland
Place of origin : Mieslahti
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -


Official English blazon

Argent, a pillar Sable within a bordure fir-twigged Vert. Mantling Vert doubled Argent. For a crest, a wreath of the colours Vert and Argent, a demi bear rampant Sable armed and langued Argent, holding in his fore-paws a book Argent. Motto: Sui Generis.

Other language blazon

Finnish: Hopeisella pohjalla vihreän, havukoroisen reunuksen ympäröimänä musta pylväs. Pistokypärä. Kypäräinpeite vihreää, vuoripuoli hopeaa. Lakipunos vihreää ja hopeaa. Kypäränkoristeena nouseva musta, hopeavaruksinen karhu, joka pitelee hopeista kirjaa. Motto: Sui Generis.


The arms were designed to represent qualities the armiger attributes to himself. The central charge, the black pillar, signifies the armiger's interest in history while the fir twig bordure shows his closeness to nature. The bear in the crest is a symbol of strength, an atribute he aspire to while the book represents his search for knowledge. The arms were designed on the 19th of April, 2014.

Registration details

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