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Heraldic Trade Cards

Trade cards are defined as cards and (larger) stamps (hard paper, cardboard, silk) issued by non-tobacco companies worldwide. Similar cards issued by tobacco companies are generally referred to as Tobacco cards or Cigarette cards. For postage-like stamps (cinderellas) see here, these have not been issued by companies as advertisement and are thus not considered trade cards.

Trade cards were very popular between 1920-1940, but have been issued since the 1860s until today. During the years many heraldic trade cards have been issued, an overview of known series is provided in this part of the site.

Sometimes a similar design was issued by more companies, sometimes even in many different countries.

Series by multiple companies

Armes des Villes de France issued by:
C. Beriot
Guérin Boutron
Félix Potin
Docteur Franck
La Grande Trappe
La Kabiline
Joseph Lervilles
Alcide Picard
Extract Picard
Bourgeois and Labbe
Debauve & Gallais
Arms, Flags and Types of Nations issued by:
::Aecht Hauswaldt (coffee surrogate)
Alex Meijer & Co (coffee and tea)
Avis (sanding powder)
Van Baerle & Sponnagel (soaps)
W. v.d. Bend (breakfast cakes)
Berliner Chichorien Fabrik A.G. (coffee surrogates)
Bethge & Jordan (chocolate and coffee surrogate)
Brauschweiger Aktien-Cichorien-Fabrik (coffee surrogate)
Brunonia (sewing machines)
H. De Bruin (Cakes and pastry)
Chocolaterie Moderne Amsterdam (chocolate)
Cope's (cigarettes)
Diamantine (shoecream)
Dobbelmann (soap)
Francken (chocolate)
Ferd. Fuesers (coffee)
Honig (maizena)
De Jong (coffee)
J.G. Karstel (grocers)
F. Lieftinck, Groninger Tabak (tobacconists)
De Mercuur (grocers)
Keg (tea)
W. Lapair (beer, wines and spirits)
Natrogat (coffee flavours)
Pfund (dairy)
Riquets (chocolate, tea)
Unknown : Flaggenspiel (game)
And many more...
Arms and Flags issued by:
Kraepelien & Holm
Van Dijk
Paul Kaiser
Erven Joh. W. Meyer
Villes Décorées de France issued by:
C. Beriot
Bleu Richter
Arms and flags of countries issued by:
La Boule de Laine (France)
Thorvald Nielsen (Denmark)
Trude Karstens (Denmark)
Kaffeforetningen Mokka (Denmark)
Johnny Pedersen (Denmark)

Series by individual companies

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