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Heraldic tobacco cards

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Heraldic Tobacco (Cigarette) Cards

Cigarette (tobacco) cards were issued by tobacco companies as advertising in their packages. Originally added to provide strength to the package, but at the end of the 19th century the companies realised the advertisment value of these inserts. These cards were issued mainly until 1940, but some companies continued to isse cards in later years.

Cigarette cards were especially popular in the US and the former British Empire (UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa...), and less in other countries. In many other countries the tobacco companies issued stamps rather than cards, and they often issued special albums for the stamps or cards (see the Heraldic albums section for albums issued by tobacco manufacturers.

Although over 13000 different series of cigarette cards are known, only a small number actually deals with heraldic items.

Series by individual companies

American Tobacco Co - National Flags and Arms
J & F Bell - Rigsvaabener
W.O. Bigg & Co - Flags of all nations
Camler Tobacco Co. - Arms of Maltese families
Carreras - Flags and Arms no image available
Cavanders UK School Badges
Cope - Arms, Flags and Types of Nations
Dexter's - UK Borough arms
J. Duncan & Co - Scottish clans, arms of chiefs
Edwards, Ringer and Bigg - Flags of all nations
Farro - Arms of Maltese families
Fedora - Arms of countries
Ferriolo - Arms and flags of countries
Giraf - Danske Byvaabener
Helmar - State Seals and National Coats of Arms
James & Co. - Coats of arms of countries
Kinney Bros. - Military Series
A. Kuit Ltd - Coats of arms of Cambridge colleges no image available
A. Kuit Ltd - Coat of arms of Companies no image available
Lambert & Butler - Danske Byvaabner
Lambert & Butler - Kings & Queens of England
Laurens (Villes de France)
The Malta Cigarette Company - Arms of Maltese families
Mitchell Town Seals
B. Morris & Sons - National and Colonial Arms
Partagas - Spanish city arms
Godfrey Phillips - Arms of the English Sees
Godfrey Phillips - School Badges
John Player & Sons - Countries Flags and Arms
John Player & Sons - Country Seats and Arms
John Player & Sons - National Flags and Arms (see the Heraldic albums section)
I. Rutter & Co. - Girls, flags and arms of countries
Taddy& Co - Heraldry Series
Thomson & Porteous - Coats of arms of British Towns
United Tobacco Co (South Africa) Ltd. - South African Coats of Arms
United Tobacco Co (South Africa) Ltd. - Arms and crests of universities and schools of South Africa
Wills's - Borough arms I
Wills's - Borough arms II
Wills's - Borough arms III
Wills's - Borough arms IV
Wills's - Arms of Companies
Wills's Foreign Cities
Wills's - Arms of of Public Schools (small)
Wills's - Arms of of Public Schools (large)
Wills's Arms of the Bishopric
Wills's - Arms of the British Empire (small)
Wills's - Arms of the British Empire (Australia)
Wills's - Arms of the British Empire (large) " height="150">
Wills's - Arms of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges
Wills's - Arms of Universities
Wills's - Heraldic Signs & their Origin
Wills's - Ships' Badges
Wills's (Australia) - Crests and colors of Australian universities, colleges and schools

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