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Region : Uusimaa
Former province : 1997-2009 Etelä-Suomi, until 1997 Uusimaa
Additions : 1946 Haaga, Huopalahti, Oulunkylä, Kulosaaren Huvilakaupunki

Helsinki Kuntavaakuna / Kommunvapen

Official blazon

Sinisessä kentässä kultainen vene uimassa hopeisella, aaltokoroisella tyviöllä; veneen yläpuolella saatteena kultakruunu.


The arms were officially granted on August 30, 1951.

The oldest arms of the city date from 1639 and show already a crown and a boat. The arms were based on the oldest seal of Helsinki, which dates from about 1500.

Arms of Helsinki

The seal of Helsinki from 1602
Arms of Helsinki

The seal of Helsinki from 1639
Arms of Helsinki

The arms during Russian times
Arms of Helsinki

The seal of Helsinki from 1861

Arms of Helsinki

The arms on a road sign

Literature : Pirinen, K. Local coats of arms in Finland (Suomen kunnallisvaakunat), Vantaa, 1982, 216 p.


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