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Heraldry of the World (Armorial du Monde)
Civic heraldry of France - Armorial de France/La France héraldique

Département : Isère



The origin of the roses is unknown, there are a number of explanations offered :
- the roses allude to the Roman name of the town Gratianopolis, the town of Grace, which was founded by the Emperor Gratian, or from the idea that roses grew from grains nobles.
- the roses symbolise three martyrs: Saint Vincent, Saint André and Saint Jean-Baptiste.
- the roses are the three powers in the city, the consuls, the Ddauphin or the mayor.
- the roses are said to date from 1447, when the future Louis XI came to Grenoble, where he stayed for nine years as dauphin. On his arrival the nobles of the city offered him a bouquet of dog roses.

Blason de Grenoble

The arms in the Café Sanka album +/- 1932
Blason de Grenoble

The arms on a tobacco card by Laurens

Literature : Image and info taken from <a href=>Cyber-Flag]]; background also from <A href=]].