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Civic heraldry of Sweden > Sveriges Kommunvapen


Province (Landskap): Skåne
County (Län): Kristianstads län
Additions : 1952 Bollerup, Glemminge, Ingelstorp, Tosterup, Övraby
Incorporated into : 1970 Ystad

Official blason
I grönt fält en genomgående, med fem tinnar försedd bro av guld i ett spann.


The arms were officially granted on December 9, 1955.

The arms show a canting bridge (bro) with an embattlement of five merlons, each symbolising one of the parishes in the municipality; Bollerup, Glemminge, Ingelstorp, Tosterup and Övraby. The bridge thus also symbolises the co-operation between the different parishes and the strength of the municipality.

Literature : Andersson, 1994

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