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Deutscher Wappen Kalender

Arms (crest) of Deutsche Wappen Kalender

There have been at least two different types of heraldic calendars with this name.

The oldest I am aware of dates from 1904. This is a large (18x33 cm) calendar printed by Vogt, Papiermühle, Sachsen (image shown above). The inside shows the monthly calendar and some heraldic images of towns and states.

I have no idea how long this series was issued.

Then there is a later series, issued from 1920-1940. These are smaller, A5 size, each with a different theme:

  • 1920 Deutsche Führer im Weltkrieg (leaders in the 1st World War)
  • 1921 Deutsche Dichter (poets)
  • 1922 Deutsche Schmieder (smiths)
  • 1923-1929 not issued due to the financial crisis
  • 1930 Deutsche Staatsmänner (politicians)
  • 1931 Deutsche Kaufleute (merchants)
  • 1932 Deutsche Maler (painters) (File:Wappenkalender-1932.pdf)
  • 1933 Deutsche Rechtslehrer (professors in law)
  • 1934 Deutsche Buchhändler (book sellers)
  • 1935 Deutsche Ärtzte (doctors of medicine)
  • 1936 Deutsche Wettkämpfer (olympians)
  • 1937 Deutsche Weinhändler (wine merchants)
  • 1938 Deutsche Erfinder (inventors)
  • 1939 Deutsche Baumeister (builders)
  • 1940 ?

This series was edited and written by Dr. Bernhard Koerner,member of the Prussian College of Arms in Berlin, and issued by Starke, Görlitz.

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