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Territory : Puerto Rico

Arms (crest) of Comerío

Official blazon


The first quarter shows a cross to represent Santo Cristo de la Salud patron saint of Comerío.

The second quarter with the 3 palms represents the first name of the Town: Sabana del Palmar (Palm Savannah).

The third quarter shows two waves and represents the Salto de Comerío (Comerío Leap) and Río la Plata (The Silver River).

The last quarter has a crown and represents the Casique Comerío (Chief Comerio) son of the Casique Caguax (Chief Caguax) two important Taino indians of Puerto Rico.

The wavy division line between the second and fourth quarters represents the mist at morning.

The escutcheon shows a tobacco plant and represents the most important industry of Comerio. Comerío was known as "El Pueblo del Tabaco" (Tobacco Town).

The banner shows a nickname of the village "La Perla del Plata" (Plata's Pearl) as Comerío has an important position at Río la Plata.

Literature : Information and image from Nelson L. Román

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